TMA Practical Cases

TMA Talent Management at the Municipality of The Hague.

'People do not have to be left out during a reorganization'Frans van Drielen is a human resources and operations specialist. He worked for almost twenty years at the Municipality of The Hague, where he was the driving force behind encouraging more talent-oriented work. Together with Francisca Schröer from TMA, he now looks back on talent management within the organization.

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Talent management at Abovo Maxlead

'Happy cows give more milk'.It is a fancy statement that Kristin Mellink of Abovo Maxlead likes to use, and it is a truism. But how do you get those satisfied and productive employees? Human Capital Coach Mellink and COO Erik Jan Reijenga explain.

TMA for Youth

Siewert Kram works as a junior organizational consultant, trainer and coach at Dazzle, an innovative organizational consulting firm.'Connecting' is the common thread in Siewert's work. 'I connect youth to organizational life.' Siewert provides young people with knowledge about what the organizational world looks like and what is expected of them. “My colleague does this from the organizational side, and then we bring the two together.”

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St. Anthony hospital and TMA

We now see how healthy it is to invest more in each other.
An accident is in a small corner. They know this better than anyone in the Emergency Department (ED). Teamwork is important in such a hectic workplace, but the time to reflect is often lacking. By investing in each other through team sessions, the team heads of the ER at St. Antonius Hospital managed to take mutual cooperation to a higher level.

TMA for young talents: Fleur Weekers

Young TMA Professional
At TMA we like to highlight young talents. Today we put TMA Professional Fleur Weekers in the spotlight. Fleur is only 27 years old and talks enthusiastically about her position: 'as a corporate recruiter, my main task is hiring people, but I am a real generalist. Fortunately, the range of tasks in our organization is very broad. I am also concerned with the candidate's experience and onboarding.'


TMA Talent Management at the Municipality of Delft

Eye for talent
Empowering young people so that they can work on their future. That is the aim of the Delft Youth Academy, which tries to help young men and women who need help find a suitable education or job through a special project.

“It's better to turn an 8 into a 10
then from a 4 to a 6''

According to Marc Lammers, the coach who led our women's hockey team to Olympic gold, it is important to approach employees about things they are good at. His motto is ''It is better to turn an 8 into a 10 than from a 4 into a 6''. But what makes Marc Lammers so special? Which techniques does not only he but also successful football coaches such as Guus Hiddink and Louis van Gaal use to perform optimally? Inspired by these questions, I have analyzed, in recent years, which evidence-based techniques top sports coaches use

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TMA at WijEindhoven

Case studies and intervision are a standard part of work in the social domain. But how do you ensure that employees hold up the right mirror to each other? Bee
In Weindhoven, they opted for a connecting and talent-oriented approach. “It gives us happier and more sustainably employable employees.”

TMA at the Tax Authorities

Employees who could work anywhere, but choose to stay with the organization: that is the ideal of the Twente Municipal Tax Office. But how do you get such employees? By not only saying that training and development is the future, but also really focusing on it.

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Further development of Teams with TMA at Netdialog

The TMA Talent Scan is the starting point for us. The Talent Scan serves many purposes, provides insight from different angles, allows people to accelerate and provides a lot of energy. In short: motivated employees.

TMA Employees and their talents: Carlo Wagemakers

Carlo Wagemakers, who has also been at TMA for about 7 years, plays the role of Business Consultant. After initially having the southern regions in his customer portfolio (he lives around the corner from the Efteling), he is now responsible for the Business market sector and recently, Sports.


TMA Talent and High Sensitivity

Highly sensitive is not something you can become, you are born with it. In this article you can read how you can experience high sensitivity as a talent instead of a burden. About one in five people has an innate sensitivity to stimuli.

'The new training is a two-stage rocket!' In conversation with TMA Trainer Marjon Vervest

Time to meet one of the TMA Trainers who train the updated TMA Certification Training. How did Marjon Vervest experience the training in the new form? What are her take aways about blended learning?


Talent interview: Marianne Zwagerman about the talent Self-reflective

In “A webshop is not a career” she calls on women to escape the 'hat paradise'. In Kluitjesvolk she portrays the Netherlands as a 'rubber tile paradise', in which all risks are excluded.

TMA Employees and their Talents: Manon Jansen

Manon Jansen has been on a beautiful 'TMA journey' for years. She started as an account manager where she enjoyed inspiring and guiding customers. Manon always had one foot in the psychological playing field of TMA.


Talent manager Maxime Vervuurt: “I want to get the best out of people and organizations.”

Maxime Vervuurt started 2021 full of energy at DPA. She currently plays an important role within the organization as talent manager for the engineering business unit in Eindhoven. When you speak to Maxime, you immediately know that talent development is really her profession. She makes every effort to achieve this. “I get very excited when I see someone grow. When a professional is in the right place. That's what I'm for. To really make the connection with our professionals. Knowing what is going on with our people. Really listen and respond.”

Kat-Haros applies TMA to Emotion

How do you continue to perform optimally in a change process? How do you ensure that employees and teams within your organization continue to perform optimally, even when changes take place? At full-service communications agency Emotion, the owner took a step back and three employees now form the management. Sylvia van Lokven, Director of Finance & HR: "If you embark on such a process together and you want to continue to develop, external guidance has such added value."

Monuta believes in development for everyone with TMA

The funeral industry is in motion. Competition from self-employed people, digitalization and changing customer wishes provide new ways of working. At Monuta, the focus is therefore on the talent of the employee. Everything with the aim of serving the customer even better.

Dutch Quality Group (DQG)

Investing in the 'soft side'; many organizations are a bit hesitant about it. Unjustified, says Cees Scheurwater, operational director at Dutch Quality Group (DQG). By investing in the 'soft side' and working in a well-organized manner, the results of his organization have skyrocketed.

The week of High Sensitivity: High Sensitivity in the light of the TMA

An article with tips on recognizing high sensitivity in relation to the TMA (Talent Motivation Analysis).Written by Larinda Bok - van der Voet. TMA Professional and Registered Career Professional, she helps gifted adults to enrich their lives.

TMA Talent Management Practical Case Group Care H. Family

At Groep Zorg H. Familie, an organization with 850 employees spread over 6 campuses, they believe in the power of their employees. Projects around team development and leadership are not new to them. They even go a step further. They are committed to the development of their employees and have been making good use of Acerta's Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA) since 2016.

TMA and Merkle

Merkle has been using the TMA Method for over ten years to find the right path for people within the organization. “A powerful instrument,” says Van Loo. “The report gives you a road map and a uniform language that you can speak with each other.

TMA and Toshiba

To remain distinctive as a service provider in a highly competitive market, the employee plays a crucial role. Toshiba TEC wants to gain insight into the talents they have in-house and how they can use them better or differently than they have done in recent years.

TMA at K_Dekker construction & infrastructure:

Top talents on board and getting more out of your staff
Construction is no longer just about technical knowledge and skills. Success lies in using your talents in the right way and good teamwork, as they know at K_Dekker construction & infrastructure. The company shifted its focus to talent development: not only to attract top talent, but also to get more out of the current staff.

Talent Management at the Municipality of Zundert and TMA

"There is a lot of talk internally about the TMA; a dialogue and connection is being created. Every week, colleagues report with the TMA in hand to take the next step with their talents.

Mapping the talents of your employee, also for custom companies

People's talents and motivations have long been recognized in HR as the starting point for successful collaboration. With the help of the TMA in Belgium with Acerta, you will gain a clear view of the link between talents and the development of competencies.

Further development of Teams with TMA at NetDialog

The TMA Talent Scan is the starting point for us. The Talent Scan serves many purposes, provides insight from different angles, allows people to accelerate and provides a lot of energy. In short: motivated employees.

TMA and Leadership in Times of Crisis

As a leader/manager, there are a number of things you can do to achieve 'Post Traumatic Growth'. Everyone needs clarity. So give this too. Be open and transparent, and also indicate if you do not know things. A directive leadership style works in times of crisis. Points of attention for a positive effect are: resilience, optimism and Active Coping (solution-oriented).

's Heeren Loo: best training company for MBO students

's Heeren Loo attaches great importance to investing and innovation. The organization does this by looking at the talents of (prospective) employees. 's Heeren Loo was named the best training company for MBO students in the province of Utrecht in 2018.

NAC and Trainers/Coaches Academy with TMA

HMG works together with NAC Breda on the development of football trainers/coaches. Tim Gilissen is the youth training manager and talks about this collaboration. The traditional model of sponsorship is very often about an amount on one side and a logo on the other. HMG (now We Build Bridges) wanted things differently and asked 'What can we help with?'

TMA and Jumbo supermarkets

Silvie Staats wanted to work in prison or with young people who had difficulty raising children, but is now a department manager at Jumbo. She changed her future plans when she was given the opportunity to follow training courses and grow within the supermarket chain.

TMA in the Navy

As a civilian employee, do you need insight into your options in the Navy? What would you like to do and what can you do? Then make an appointment with Career Guidance Civil Personnel CZSK for a career discussion. One of the tools they use is a Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA). This will give you insight into your motivations and what exactly moves you. About 200 employees have already completed a TMA.

TMA and Scania

Scania Parts Logistics not only focuses on the quality of its products and services but also on increasing the competencies of its employees. The very extensive range of training courses for managers was running at full speed, but all these efforts lacked one common 'umbrella'. The company learned about the TMA Method through Acerta Consult.

TMA and Rabobank Ridderkerk Midden-IJsselmonde

The banking sector is in motion. Especially in a period of transition, it is important to know what talent you have in-house. At Rabobank Ridderkerk Midden-IJsselmonde they use the TMA Method to give their people - from management to employees - wings. Inside, but also outside the organization.

TMA and Mangrove

Mangrove is a full-service internet agency with 50 employees that is among the top 5 in the Netherlands. Companies such as the KNMI, and Park Hoge Veluwe, but also international organizations such as The International Committee of the Red Cross (Geneve) and Unicef are served from Rotterdam with sites, apps and disruptive interactive applications.

TMA at RAVU (by Tripple Balance)

The RAVU (Stichting Regionale Ambulance Voorziening Utrecht) provides (acute) ambulance care and transport in the province of Utrecht. 465 people work in the ambulance, in the control room and in the office. RAVU uses 360-degree feedback for all employees as an evaluation instrument. Triple Balance guides, advises and trains managers and HR advisors to use this form of feedback effectively.

The municipality of Zwolle uses TMA for a new team culture

In recent years, the Municipality of Zwolle has shaped the social neighborhood teams with five parent organizations. TMA turned out to be a great instrument for forming a new team culture.

TMA and the Municipality of Arnhem: A good guideline for the development perspective of employees

Want to become more efficient and innovative? Look for collaboration! The Taxes team that already works for the municipalities of Arnhem and Renkum will also work with the municipality of Rheden from this year. This means new positions and roles for employees. Manager Willeke den Hartog chose the TMA Method to give her people more insight into their talents and thus prepare them in a targeted manner.

TMA for Avans University of Applied Sciences

The curriculum renewal of the courses within the Academy for Construction & Infrastructure meant not only educational development for Avans University of Applied Sciences, but also personnel development. The goal: to give employees the steering wheel, so that they can slowly move towards a role in a self-organizing team.

Management Development at Coolinvestments (Coolcat, America Today, MS Mode and SAPPH)

OSIC was asked to develop a tailor-made leadership program for managers and high-potentials from all four organizations. With the TMA as the main ingredient.

Van Doormalen Retail Group (AH) and TMA

Van Doormalen Retail Group is an independent company that uses various store formulas such as Albert Heijn, Etos, Gall&Gall and Post NL on a franchise basis.

Performance management with TMA takes Isala to a higher level.

Traditionally, an assessment interview looks at the past. At Isala this conversation is much more focused on the future.
Isala offers top clinical and basic care. To continuously improve the quality of care, the cycle of evaluation, functioning and assessment, as the start of performance management, has been used. It starts as soon as someone is hired.

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Talent in healthcare at Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis.

Laudy Andrade Ribeiro (24) spent so much time in hospitals as a child that she did not want to think about working in healthcare. Until nurses pointed out to her that her experience and talents would make her an asset.

'Giving real attention to healthcare workers is desperately needed'

Elise Nieuwhof knows healthcare like no other, from her field - she is an HR consultant - and as the mother of a child with an intellectual disability. She participated in the TMA Zorgt voor de Zorg campaign based on the belief that healthcare providers can put a smile on their faces and that of their clients with the right attention.

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Visscher Carevelle wants employees to work with TMA based on their talents

Gerald Merkus is Global HR Manager at Visscher Caravelle. He saw the car mat manufacturer grow from 11 employees in the Netherlands into an international player with more than 1,300 employees. Employee development is a top priority at Visscher Caravelle.

TMA Method explained in 1.5 minutes

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