Talent-oriented organization with validated profiles

A successful organization with engaged employees is the result of language-focused organization using validated profiles. Employees know what is expected of them. A clear alignment of employees’ talents with the required competencies for the job is essential, and we can assist with that!


Validated profiles

In the dynamics between organization and individual, and individual and work, it revolves around what someone ‘may’ do, what someone ‘can’ do, and what someone ‘wants’ to do. To gain insight into these three aspects, it is necessary not only to consider what someone does for work but also to examine their talents and problem-solving abilities to perform the work effectively.With TMA’s validated profiles, it becomes possible to clearly and unambiguously define the direction and expectations related to a role. TMA provides personalized content to employees, enabling them to further develop in each role.Whether you are hiring, promoting, relocating, developing, or considering alternative rewards, the validated profiles allow you to fully describe every position within the company at any level. This ensures that employees know in advance what is expected of them, and feedback and evaluations remain transparent and comprehensible. Additionally, managers can maximize employees’ potential.

The Result

A “Validated Profile” is a description of expected behavior, problem-solving ability, and the necessary talents and competencies. The profile is “validated” using the STYR valuation model and the TMA behavioral model in three simple steps. It provides an immediately valued profile and makes talent and development paths transparent. • Clear profiles with talent and development paths
• Perspective for employees
• Easier alignment of employee and role
• Agile organizational structure
• Enhanced results at every level: individual, team, organization

Collaboration with STYR

The STYR model categorizes an organization into six groups of people, each with their unique problem-solving abilities and added value. These six groups differentiate themselves based on specific problem-solving abilities for a role and can be assessed using employees’ diverse talents. By incorporating STYR into the TMA method, you can create a validated profile in just four clicks


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