Career Advice

Our Career Instruments are positive, non-judgmental, and provide complete insight into talents, competencies, and the best career opportunities.


Career Advice Instruments

As a coach, career advisor, or HR expert, help your candidates choose a different profession or role. Based on the Talent Analysis combined with the Career Advice and Career Coach instruments, you can quickly identify where your candidates’ talents, development potential, interests, and especially job openings lie. The Talent Analysis reports on a candidate’s personality, revealing 44 talents and aptitude for 53 competencies in a positive and non-judgmental manner.

Career Advice

Career advice at middle and higher levels maps preferences for specific occupational sectors and activities. It is intended for adults and young people aged 14 and above, from secondary education to university level. The responses to the statements measure preferences for certain sectors and activities, providing candidates with greater self-awareness and input to consider the direction of their own personal development.


Career Coach

The Career Coach indexes 8,000 career possibilities and boasts the largest and smartest search engine for actual job vacancies. It includes descriptions of hard skills and requirements for each role, enriched with the relevant competencies. In the commercial version of Career Coach, an exceptionally powerful search engine indexes nearly every online job opening within seconds.


Career Advice undergoes extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including annual correlation surveys.

Stay Close to Natural Talents and Competencies

Career advice starts from the assumption that we do not want to change the personality of your candidate. However, we naturally explore their talents, competencies, and interests, and provide advice on a perfectly fitting career path for the candidate.

Talent Development Modules

In addition to our Career Advice solution, we have assembled four modules that allow organizations to shape talent-focused development for employees, teams, leaders, and the organization.

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