TMA 360 Degree Feedback

TMA 360 degree feedback: a dialogue about behavior and skills.

TMA 360 Degree Feedback

TMA competencies and 360 degree feedback

Easy-to-use 360 Feedback Tool

TMA 360-degree feedback is an easy-to-use tool for identifying highly developed and underdeveloped competencies. The difference between self-image and the image others have of competencies allows you to make a clear analysis of the development areas of yours or your candidate.

Between 2-53 Competencies
Open Feedback
Progress Report

TMA 360 degree feedback process:

Step 1

The central person uses the online tool to solicit feedback on key competencies from colleagues. These can be peers, subordinates, supervisors, or even customers.

Step 2

The 53 TMA competencies are used to provide 360-degree feedback. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 25 competencies can be chosen.

Step 3

By combining the different perceptions of feedback providers, a complete picture of the central person is created. Based on the feedback received, the central person starts working on development points.

Company-wide feedback

Gain a broader understanding of competencies and skills across the organization by easily requesting feedback from individuals, colleagues, managers, and external customers. You can enable employees to ask for feedback themselves.

Practical use

TMA 360-degree feedback is used as a practical starting point for a personal development plan. People are requesting online feedback about important competencies from colleagues and managers.

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