Team building

Every person has talents, but how do you transform these talents into a well-performing team?
Team performance is only achieved when a team collaborates effectively and each member brings out their best. Additionally, it is crucial for a team to distribute work based on skills and talents.


With TMA for teams, you gain immediate insight into the behavioral preferences, competencies, talents, and pain points of a team. Leaders, coaches, or HR experts receive practical advice on adjustments and interventions they can make to further improve team performance.

Enhance your team

Do you want to gain insight into your team's talents to help them perform better? The Team Assessment gives you instant insight into the talents and behavioral preferences of team members. The assessment reveals what motivates a team and how team members' talents relate to this.

Talent Dialogue

The Team Assessment enables leaders, coaches, or HR experts to engage in a positive and talent-focused dialogue with the team based on objective data and recommendations.


Team fit

Every team aims to achieve results. However, does the team possess all the necessary team talents and competencies, or is it necessary to recruit additional talent? Find out using the Team Assessment.

Managing & coaching

Understanding the preferences and talents of their team is valuable for leaders. Based on this knowledge, leaders can adapt their management style and initiate customized development actions for team members.

Work distribution

Every team member is unique, possessing their own talents. The results of a Team Assessment facilitate the easy distribution of work based on team members’ talents.

Talent development modules

In addition to our solution for Team Assessments, we have curated four modules that empower organizations to shape talent-focused development for employees, teams, leaders, and the organization.

Personal development


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