Talent Management for Managers

Real talent conversations with your people!

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Have real talent conversations

Talk to your team or employees about growth, talents, and the future. Workouts with 100,000+ custom-developed pieces of advice, training, and exercises can help them improve their skills, competencies, and talents.

100.000+ Workouts

TMA gives you the structure with 100,000+ Workouts for the development of the competencies, talents, and skills of your employees.

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Talk about talent and development.

Keep an eye on your employees' skills. Facilitate talent conversations to establish, assess, and adjust goals.

The future talent conversation, including feedback

With 0, 90, or 360° feedback on competencies and skills as part of your talent cycle, you can have more qualitative development discussions.

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Provide clear career paths

Show employees insight into their internal career prospects: skills, competencies, and talents to be developed.

Job Profile Templates

With skills and competencies from the job profile, every employee has a useful and personal talent interview.

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TMA Competency Library

53 competencies form the basis of the TMA method. Identify, match, and develop with the TMA Competency Library.

Insight into your employees' talents and competencies.

TMA provides an initial overview of qualities and talents with scientifically-based instruments. You can quickly discover the talents and skills of your employees through clear, interactive reports.

TMA Talent Library

Talents are the building blocks of TMA: identify, match and develop 44 talents with TMA Talent Library.


Build your team with TMA

Everyone has talents, but how do you create a high-performing team from these talents?

TMA 360-Degree Feedback

TMA 360-degree feedback is a dialogue about behavior and skills.


"People perform better and are more engaged when they work according to their natural talents!"

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