Management Development at Coolinvestments (Coolcat, America Today, MS Mode and SAPPH)


OSIC was requested to develop a customised leadership programme for executives and high-potentials from all four organisations, with theTMA as the main component.

The organization

Coolinvestments encompasses four international fashion organizations: Coolcat, America Today, MS Mode, and SAPPH. While the first three are typical retail entities, the fourth primarily focuses on wholesale.

After thorough research, Coolinvestments has opted for the TMA Method, with the initial goal of implementing it for a Management Development program across all four organizations

Issue (question to OSIC)

The vast majority of managers, despite their exceptional talent and success, have never received training or education in leadership and employee development. There is an increasing demand for such programs, especially in light of further expansion and growing responsibilities.

OSIC was tasked with creating a customized leadership program for managers and high-potentials across all four organizations. The TMA Method played a central role in this endeavor


OSIC has chosen an approach with the following key features:

  1. Blend of Individual Coaching and Group Sessions: The program alternates between individual coaching and group meetings. This approach recognizes that certain topics apply universally and benefit from exchange and interaction. Additionally, each participant brings their unique background, experience, environment, and specific challenges.
  2. Diverse Group Composition: Each group (with a maximum of 10 participants) includes individuals from all four organizations. This intentional mix maximizes the utilization of existing experience and cross-pollination between the organizations.
  3. Self-Leadership Focus: The program operates under the premise that leadership begins with self. Themes related to influence—on oneself, others, the team, and the broader organization—are explored. Throughout, the TMA insights serve as a foundational reference.
  4. Individual Coaching with Relevant Competencies: In individual coaching, participants address their specific challenges while also working with five relevant leadership competencies.
  5. Practical Relevance: The program is closely aligned with the daily practices of participants and the four organizations. Real-life cases are employed, and interim assignments relate to current situations faced by participants. As a result, the program directly contributes to improving day-to-day operations, with small successes immediately visible

The result

The approach described above immediately generates enthusiasm among the participants from the outset. The no-nonsense approach, combined with its direct applicability in their daily practices, quickly yields positive effects. This, in turn, attracts potential new participants.

Throughout the program, you observe participants consciously approaching things differently, taking on more responsibilities, and making clear choices. The positive outcomes do not go unnoticed by the respective CEOs. This is most evident when they express interest in creating their own TMA profiles. Another significant result, thanks in part to the TMA and the insights it provides, is that participants become much more aware of their strengths, talents, and pitfalls. This heightened awareness enables them to better fulfill their roles as leaders and managers.

About OSIC

OSIC specializes in leadership development: everything related to taking charge of oneself. We call it “Leiderschapszaken” (Leadership Matters). Our target audience includes professionals, managers, and their teams—nothing more and nothing less. We achieve this through coaching and training, always delivering robust programs tailored to individual employee needs.

Source: OSIC.

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