Becoming TMA team professional

As a TMA Team Professional, you are equipped to apply the TMA philosophy at the team level. During your training, you will receive all the necessary tools to facilitate team sessions. You’ll become familiar with TMA team analyses and understand which analyses are most suitable for specific situations and purposes. Additionally, you’ll learn about the foundational elements for building strong teams and how to use them to foster team development.


TMA Certified Team Professional

Through the TMA certification program, you will be trained as a certified Team Professional. The purpose of this training is to thoroughly understand and apply the TMA philosophy to teams through one or more team sessions. During these sessions, you will provide teams with insights into each other’s talents and guide them in developing their team talents.

Given the focus on team processes and interactions among team members, it is crucial that you fully grasp the TMA vision. While the primary emphasis is on teams, you will also learn how to apply this vision more broadly. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive the certificate: ‘TMA Certified Team Professional.’

Training Objectives:

  • Thoroughly master the TMA philosophy at the team level.
  • Design the most suitable team session based on a thorough intake conversation.
  • Strategically use various methods to achieve team goals.
  • Provide guidance to teams and conduct team analyses.
  • Understand the broader application of the TMA philosophy.
  • Achieve the ‘TMA Certified Team Professional’ certification.

Training dates

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