Cognitive Capability Assessments

TMA Cognitive Capability Assessments assess learning ability as well as the speed with which new knowledge can be applied and problems solved.

Why use TMA to assess cognitive capabilities?

Cognitive abilities are the strongest predictor of job success. It is useful to understand your candidate's ability to learn, apply new information, and solve problems. Using cognitive skills assessments produces better results for your company.


Spatial Perception Assessment

The spatial perception assessment consists of fifteen questions. In this assessment, a candidate is presented with a sequence of figures or a matrix for each question, each of which contains a specific logic that the candidate must attempt to solve.
Depending on the question, the applicant must decide which figure logically replaces the question mark and which figure does not belong in the series.
We define spatial perception as the candidate's capacity to see patterns and regularity in figures and shapes that follow logically from specific patterns. This is measured by mentally rotating figures, completing items, or noticing patterns in shapes.

Linguistic Perception Assessment

The assessment "Linguistic Perception" consists of 20 questions. During this assessment, the candidate will see a combination of two words that relate to each other in a specific logical pattern. This is what we refer to as language analogies. Under language analogies, we mean the candidate's ability to truly understand his language. Recognizing analogies under time pressure indicates a high level of logical language comprehension.


Numerical Perception

The "Numerical Perception" assessment is made up of 26 numerical series arranged in a specific order. The candidate should use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to figure out the pattern. In some cases, two or more calculations can be performed in the series simultaneously. The series must be continued with a single number. The candidate must choose an answer to each question. This assessment appeals to both 'fluid' and 'crystallised' intelligence. The assessment is predictive of activities that require numerical understanding, abstract thinking, and analytical skills.

Calculating Capability Assessment

The "Calculating Capability" test consists of 39 math problems with five possible responses. The problems cover addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Speed is really important in this examination. The arithmetic questions start out easy and gradually become more tough. First and foremost, the examination assesses mathematical relationships on the one hand and numerical competence on the other.


Technical Perception Assessment

The "Technical Perception" assessment consists of 15 questions that assess the candidate's ability to solve technical or physical problems under time pressure. This assessment is designed specifically for technical functions.

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