TMA Method

TMA is a global company that helps clients worldwide hire the right people, develop and motivate them onward their career.
TMA Talent Method connects organizations with employees and impacts yearly more than 1 million persons. TMA Method structures development of talents, competencies and career.

TMA instruments are completely integrated with positive psychology content.

TMA Career Match

Total match rate of 73%
Talent Coach 97%
HR Advisor 86%
Strategy Manager 57%
Technical Engineering 73%
IT Specialist 44%
Physician 82%

TMA Method is the complete Talent Management System based on positive psychology, used for recruitment, selection, development and career advice. Both for individuals and teams.

TMA Method integrates 6 Talent Dimensions, 22 Drives, 44 Talents and 53 Competencies in all TMA Instruments.

Emotional Balance
Social Talents
Influential Talents
Leadership Talents
Organizational Talents

3 basic principles of great talent and competency management.

TMA Dashboards

TMA Talent Management Cases

TMA is used in many different organizations, both profit and non-profit sectors.  See the case studies of our customers and their experience with our tools and services.

Talent Management Cases

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As our ongoing plan is to expand, we serve customers worldwide and establish exclusive partnerships. Each partner has been appointed to serve clients within their territory. TMA partners are experts in using our instruments to define, measure and fulfil the potential of employees.

Our partners solve recruitment issues, develop existing talents and take care of the right human resources. TMA Partners are able to respond to any talent and competency management or assessment requests. If you are interested in becoming a TMA business partner for a specific region of the world, request reseller details for your area, email us at:

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