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For over 25 years, TMA has been connecting organizations with their people through talent management. The TMA Method provides insights into talents, interests, competencies, and careers. TMA is based on positive psychology.

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TMA Method

TMA Talent management is an integrated approach for identifying and developing all unique talents within your organization while aligning these talents with your organizational goals.

TMA Talent Values

TMA - Discover and connect unique talents

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TMA Talent Management at the Municipality of The Hague

Frans van Drielen, an HR expert, emphasized that reorganisations don't have to exclude people, and he supported talent-oriented employment at The Hague Municipality.

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St. Antonius Hospital's emergency department team leaders increased mutual cooperation by investing in each other during team sessions, demonstrating the benefits of spending more time together in a busy workplace.

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The TMA Method helps you integrate positive psychology for recruitment, coaching, development, and career guidance for organizations, individuals, and teams.

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