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TMA is the human factor talent solution for HR, coaches and hiring managers, impacting more than 10 million people. TMA is a Positive Psychology Content, Assessment and Talent Management Development Suite for the full HR Cycle.

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TMA - the Talent Company

People develop best, take action, and are the most involved when they do work that is in line with natural talents, capacities, and competencies.

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Make the right decisions!

Hiring new talents, developing existing talents, or changes within your organization, TMA Method provides you with all the insights you need to make the best decisions, at every step of the HR cycle.


Assisting 2000+ companies worldwide

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As a Consultant
you guide your clients through the challenge of implementing the best Talent Management and Career Instruments.


As an Organization, you implement the most effective instruments of TMA: Talent Management, Talent Model, Competencies, Hiring and Development Assessments into your HR Cylce.


As an Independent (Career) Coach, you make a difference by using TMA Career and Development instruments, guiding your candidates in a positive way.

Discover natural talents, capacities and competencies of your people.

With TMA Positive Psychology Method

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TMA's Promise

"People develop best, take action themselves and are most involved when they do work that is in line with their talents, capacities and competencies."

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