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TMA is the full suite for assessment, talent and competency management, career advice, 360-degree feedback and team management.


The TMA Competency Library helps you to easily create profiles for different roles, positions or teams. These profiles clearly show your expectations from the performance of your employees and teams.



On a yearly basis, TMA Method helps more than 75,000 people develop their talents and gives them new insight into their careers by understanding their talents and abilities.


Integrated Talent Management

With help of dashboards and reports, you get real time insight and advice to match candidates to roles and functions, help them to get the support they need, solve individual and team challenges, and help people with their development and career issues.


TMA Dashboards

  • Personal talent overview with recommendations on communication- and learning style

  • Competency match: advice on the extent to which your open positions match your candidates

  • Feedback information about competencies

  • Job interests and cognitive abilities

  • Team advice for effective management and distribution of teamwork

  • Talent Pool with a search function for locating talented people for your projects or teams

TMA Solutions

To achieve your business goals, you need employees with the right set of competencies and talents. Do you know what talents are currently available in your organization? Are you sure you get the most out of your employees and develop their skills effectively?
TMA is your solution for matching applicants to jobs. With the TMA “information and advice”, individuals and teams can easily get support with solving work related problems. TMA for talent & competency management, individual & team development, recruitment, career and succession planning, and career advice.

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Job interviews have become more meaningful


More valuable and deeper job interviews with TMA reports


With TMA, we get a quick picture of candidates


Added value of TMA Method

“TMA information & advice” is used by HR professionals, managers, and employees:

  • Effective selection and employment of candidates on the basis of ‘matching’ between jobs and the talents of a candidate

  • More objectivity in job interviews, personal development and human mobility

  • More focused training: develop the right competencies matching one’s talents

  • Effective management and distribution of work in teams based on people’s talents

  • Getting a better insight into cognitive capability and professional interests of people

  • Monitoring whether the organization has the right talents on board to achieve its goals

  • An easy search for people suitable for a function/ role or a project

Example of matching of an account manager

Total match rate of 73%
Commercial power 97%
Ambition 86%
Empathy 57%
Negotiation 73%
Networking 44%
Persuasiveness 82%

Real Life Cases

TMA is applied in many different organizations, both profit and non-profit sectors. Why do organizations choose TMA solutions and what are the results? See the case studies of our customers and their experience with our tools and services.

Real Life Cases


TMA is an integrated method for the selection, development, and mobility of employees. We educate TMA professionals to a complete implementation of TMA solutions. In addition, we support you with implementation plans, presentations, background information and policy documents.
TMA also provides comprehensive consulting services to implement TMA projects at a high level. Besides our own consultants, we have a large network of certified TMA professionals who help organizations solve work related issues you might have.

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