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TMA Academy offers a comprehensive range of programs to make talent development effective for individuals and organizations. We train professionals who can deeply apply the TMA philosophy within organizational contexts. Through interactive and energetic sessions, employees discover and harness their unique talents. At TMA Academy, we believe that talent development should be accessible to everyone, and we work tirelessly toward that goal.


How does that look in practice?

During energetic training sessions, workshops, and sessions, we challenge participants to apply talent-oriented thinking and actions. A manager shared their experience from the leadership training: “During the training, I became aware that I can apply talent development within my team and learned how to do so.

The focus should be much more on the employee. What does that employee need? What does a talent conversation look like? How do you shape it?” The diverse and practical approaches in the talent conversation training left a lasting impact: “It gave me a boost!”

Inspired TMA professional

TMA professionals who graduate are eager to apply what they’ve learned in career guidance and HR. A TMA professional shares: ‘Through TMA, I want to apply talent management to candidates and assist them in determining their next career steps.

I look forward to positively engaging with talents in relation to competencies.’ What they appreciate most about TMA: ‘It’s wonderful to explore what energizes you the most through the lens of motivations and talents, and to discover that sometimes you can do something well, but it doesn’t provide the most energy.

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