Personal Development

The "Personal Development" module makes it easy for your employees to improve the skills and abilities that are unique to them. Their workouts are not reliant on outside coaches, and they can do them whenever it is convenient for them.


Development as an engine for growth and innovation

Employee development is key to the success of any business. If an organization wants to grow, it needs people who are willing to change with it and stand in their way. They can only do this if they know what skills they have. Sharing those skills with others helps people understand each other better, which leads to better teamwork and more job satisfaction. People on a team give feedback to each other based on clear roles. This makes the team stronger and helps everyone grow.

The goal of the ‘Personal Development’ module is to provide all employees with straightforward insight into their unique talents and how to further develop them. Presented in understandable language with simple functionalities.

Benefits for employees

Taking initiative at your own convenience offers numerous advantages. Each employee can determine the pace and intensity of their development independently. This fosters greater autonomy and engagement in their own learning journey.

• Insight: Understand your unique talents in plain language.
• Development: Learn and grow through feedback and straightforward workouts.
• Connection: By sharing your talents with colleagues, you enhance mutual understanding, collaboration, and teamwork.
• Independence: You can take charge and engage in dialogue with colleagues, managers, coaches, or HR as needed.


Learn from your pocket

Talent development from a digital environment, made simple through four functionalities that people can use step by step.

1.) Talents

You receive insights and advice about your own talents: How can you communicate effectively from a position of strength? How do you learn more efficiently? In which environment do you thrive best? How can you dare to take more risks? And how do you collaborate better with others?

2.) Connect

Sharing talents with others is the next crucial step. Collaborating becomes truly enjoyable when you understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses without judgment.

3.) Feedback

Feedback is learning. A reflection on how others perceive you and a confirmation of your own talents. In our app, you can easily and quickly ask others what they think of your behaviour, what you do well and what you could improve.

4.) Workouts

When people make decisions to change something in their lives based on insights, there’s always the question: how do I do that? Workouts are micro-exercises that provide practical answers to ‘how’ questions, enabling people to truly progress in their development..

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Benefits for the organisation

The digital TMA environment for employees can easily be integrated with the central system of the team manager or HR department. This facilitates better understanding of teams and effective allocation based on individual talents and competencies. The result? Agile teams that swiftly and smoothly adapt to changing circumstances.

• Insight: Comprehensive understanding of all talents within your organization.
• Connection: Talent-driven collaboration using a common language understood by everyone.
• Development: Identifying talents, assembling teams, and optimally leveraging the potential of available talents (enabling more with the available workforce).
• Independence: Directly accessible and available for all employees.

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