Our online Selection Assessment serves as an objective and validated tool for selecting individuals. TMA specializes in online Selection assessments, empowering organizations to independently identify the strengths and areas for improvement of candidates and applicants. This approach ensures that the selection and ongoing development of individuals are more objective and effective.


Why a Selection Assessment?

When selecting individuals for a role, education, or position, it is valuable to have reliable insight into their cognitive abilities, skills, motivations, and talents beforehand. Additionally, understanding whether a candidate aligns with the organization’s values and team culture is crucial.
With our online selection assessments, we provide organizations with a tool that allows them to gain insight into the talent, employability, and development potential of candidates and applicants. Through our dashboards and reports, you can immediately assess the alignment between candidates and the job role and work environment.
TMA offers objective and validated insights into candidates and applicants through the following instruments: Talent Analysis, Cognitive Capacity Analysis, and Interview Questions.

Talent analysis

The Talent Analysis reports on a candidate's personality and reveals 44 talents and aptitude for 53 competences in a positive and non-judgemental way.

Interview questions

From the TMA competency model, which comprises 53 competencies, we have curated comprehensive interview questions. These questions can be utilized for purposes such as selection-focused interviews or development discussions.

Talent analysis   TMA Competency Model


Cognitive Capacity Analysis

The Cognitive Capacity Analysis objectively assesses an individual’s cognitive abilities. It helps identify strengths and developmental opportunities related to thinking capacity, problem-solving skills, and learning ability. The Capacity Analysis measures individuals on one or more of the following elements:

  • Logical spatial insight
  • Logical language insight
  • Logical numerical insight
  • Mathematical proficiency
  • Technical understanding

More about capability analyses

Benefits of TMA Selection assessment

  • Fast and Reliable Insight into the Match Between the Role/Position and the Candidate’s Talents and Competencies
  • Understanding of Candidates’ Development Potential
  • Positive Psychology: The assessment does not judge or discriminate based on age, gender, or race.
  • Self-service capability for scalability in larger organizations
  • Talent data organized in a dedicated Talent Management System
  • Autonomy and cost control
  • Modular and scalable
  • Scientifically proven quality

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