Talent Workouts

Get started with hundreds of workouts and articles tailor-made for your talents.

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Talent Workouts

Get started with your development, talent and future. Use the TMA Workouts with hundreds of tailor-made advice, training and exercises to improve your skills, competences and talents.

Get started with workouts for 32 skills. Which? The choice is yours!

Thousands of custom workouts are available for you for all 32 skills.

Become more assertive

Advise Better

Brainstorm better

Better communication

Better communication for a group

Better collaboration

Coaching leadership

Seeing and seizing commercial opportunities

Connect with others

Creative problem solving


Effective development

Writing effectively

Working more purposefully

More effective meetings

Take ownership

To give feedback

Work disciplined

Interviewing for executives

Working in a more customer-oriented way

Think more critically

Show leadership

Showing some guts

Pay more attention to details

Dealing with conflict

Dealing with emotions

Deal with stress

Result-oriented negotiation

Organize your time smarter

Learn smarter

Faster decision making

Steering without power

Talent-oriented leadership

Working on self confidence

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