TMA Research

TMA Research is TMA's scientific knowledge centre with a vision for Talent Management. We stand for transparent research focused on innovation and quality assurance with the aim of promoting talent management.


Conducting Research

TMA Research focuses on delivering innovative, scientifically grounded research to promote talent management, accessible to everyone.

Through research, we determine the current state of affairs or the impact of interventions on issues such as engagement, vitality, and collaboration. Of course, there is always room to tailor research to specific needs.

Developing Company Profiles

A company profile provides insight into all the drivers and talents of your entire organization or a specific part of it. It maps out the talent culture and unique values of your organization.

It serves as an effective tool for implementing talent management or smoothly navigating the transition from point A to point B.

Developing Top Profiles

A top profile identifies the ideal employee, applicable to any position. The benefit? It enhances the recruitment process and increases the likelihood of hiring the right personnel.

Customized Research

At TMA Research, we believe that everything goes better with solid research. Our expertise in talent management enables us to deliver tailor-made studies specifically aligned with your needs.

Whether it’s evaluating engagement, vitality, or collaboration, we provide scientifically grounded insights to elevate your organization. For more information, feel free to contact us at


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