TMA Competency Model

The TMA Competency Model is a structured framework that identifies and defines 53 competencies relevant for success in a specific function or role within an organization. Competencies refer to the specific knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics required to perform well in a particular role.


How Does the TMA Competency Model Work?

TMA utilizes advanced psychometric instruments to measure and analyze employees’ competencies. These measurements are then compared to the desired competencies for the position in which the employee is currently working or wishes to work. Based on this comparison, a detailed picture of an individual’s strengths and development areas related to the required competencies emerges.

Why Is the TMA Competency Model Important?

This model offers several benefits to organizations:

  • Personalized Development: It helps identify specific developmental needs of employees, allowing training and development plans to be tailored to their individual competencies. Relevant for onboarding, talent management, learning, and performance.
  • Recruitment and Selection: It assists in selecting candidates who possess the right competencies for a particular role, resulting in a better match between candidates and positions. Relevant for recruitment and application tracking.
  • Feedback and Growth: It provides valuable insights into employees’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to grow and contribute to the organization’s objectives. Relevant for talent management in terms of development and performance.
  • Strategic Planning: It empowers HR teams to make strategic decisions regarding talent management and development, based on concrete data about competencies. Relevant for management decision-making.

In summary, the TMA Competency Model is a powerful tool that enables organizations to more effectively manage their human capital. It offers insights into employees’ competencies, leading to better decision-making in recruitment, development, and career planning, ultimately enhancing organizational performance and growth.

Online Competency Model

53 TMA Competencies are used for:


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