Positive Psychology

The TMA Positive Psychology Method is a non-judgmental, concrete, and talent-focused approach to conducting TMA assessments.

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Talent thinking from TMA

Our philosophy is based on positive psychology, with a focus on individuals' strengths to boost self-confidence, improve job performance, and promote personal and professional development.

Why is talent important?

Research shows that understanding talents improves problem-solving and boosts productivity by using them for personal, team, leadership, and organizational development.


Talents shape people's actions, responses, collaboration, learning, problem-solving, and adaptability.

TMA Positive Psychology explained

The 44 TMA Talents are based on 22 drives and are divided into 6 Talent Dimensions.

Talent Dimension: social talents

Talent Dimension 'social talents' consists of 5 separate TMA Motives.

Low social empathy = factual

The possible pitfall of being too factual is straightforwardness.

High social empathy = empathetic

Possible pitfall: hypersensitive.

Every TMA Talent has a relationship with TMA Competencies

44 TMA Talents

Talents are the building blocks of TMA: identify, match and develop 44 talents with TMA Talent Library.

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As a Consultant
You assist clients in implementing the most effective talent management and career instruments.


As an Organization, you effectively incorporate TMA tools into your HR process, including Talent Management, Talent Model, Competencies, Hiring and Development Assessments.


As an Independent (Career) Coach, you utilize TMA Career and Development instruments to positively guide your candidates.