TMA Professionals in Practice

TMA Employees and their talents: Carlo Wagemakers

Carlo Wagemakers, who has been with TMA for about 7 years, serves as a Business Consultant. After initially managing clients in the southern regions (as he lives close to the Efteling), he is now responsible for the Corporate market sector and, more recently, Sports.


'The new training is a two-stage rocket!' In conversation with TMA Trainer Marjon Vervest

It's time to meet one of the TMA Trainers who facilitates the revamped TMA Certification Training. How did Marjon Vervest experience the training in its new format? What are her takeaways on blended learning?

TMA Employees and their Talents: Manon Jansen

For years, Manon Jansen has been on a remarkable 'TMA journey.' She started as an account manager, where she enthusiastically engaged and guided clients. Manon always had one foot in the psychological realm of TMA.


TMA Professional in the spotlight: Emi Salas

Emi Salas, aged 55, is a career coach who guides young people in their decisions regarding their studies or gap years. "Young individuals make significant choices during a period of ongoing development."

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