A talent-focused organisation: matching people and work

People are at their best, learn most rapidly, and are more engaged when they do work that aligns with their motivations, talents, cognitive abilities, and competencies. A talent-focused organization gains insight into this. It provides tools for building sustainable strategic workforce planning and contributes to a more objective selection process when hiring new individuals.


How do you set up a talent-focused organisation?

By utilizing the TMA method, you can shape strategic decisions, process design, HR management, and personal talent development based on the available talent data. With validated profiles, you empower individuals to their fullest potential. TMA has developed this comprehensive solution to activate all roles within your organization with practical advice, all from a single straightforward system.

We provide talent-focused guidance to HR, recruiters, managers, coaches, teams, and individual employees for the challenges they encounter in their work. We achieve this by leveraging personal insights and talent data, resulting in better-performing individuals and organizations.

HR in talent-focused organisations

In a talent-focused organization, HR views people as unique individuals, each with their own combination of talents and abilities. Instead of evaluating performance solely based on predetermined goals, the emphasis is on continuous development and growth.

Talent-oriented work identifies and leverages employees’ strengths, placing them in positions where they excel. Feedback plays a crucial role, but it is directed toward growth and development rather than mere assessment.

Rewards extend beyond financial compensation. Think of recognition, opportunities for professional growth, and promoting workplace satisfaction. The goal is to foster a culture of continuous learning and development, where employees feel valued and engaged. Talent-focused organization leads to:

• Improved performance
• Increased self-confidence
• Reduced stress and burnout
• Greater satisfaction and engagement
• Enhanced retention
• Appealing employer for potential employees


Match, value and reward with validated profiles

If you want to hire, promote, transfer, develop, or otherwise reward someone, it is possible to fully describe any position within the company at any level using validated profiles. This way, employees know in advance what is expected of them, and feedback and evaluations become transparent and understandable. Additionally, managers can maximize employees’ potential. By adding STYR to the TMA method, you can create a validated profile in just four clicks.

More about validated profiles

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