TMA Philosophy

The TMA Positive Psychology Method is a non-judgmental and talent-focused approach to help organizations find their people.


How can TMA help?

We believe that talent-based work benefits both individuals and organizations.

By implementing TMA within your organization, you achieve higher productivity, natural collaboration, reduced absenteeism, improved retention, increased engagement, and decreased stress and burnout. Talent-focused work and organization create a culture where things become easier and more enjoyable.

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What does TMA offer?

TMA offers solutions through an online platform in the form of modules. These modules address all the issues related to people and work, whether it’s personal development, team development, leadership development, or organizational development. The talent-focused advice within the modules is applicable at all levels and across various domains.

Our talent-oriented recommendations are customized for all key organizational roles. We provide guidance for HR experts, recruiters, team managers, coaches, individual employees, and boardroom members.


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