New Practical Book From Talent to Performance 4th edition 2023

This is the revised 2023 version of the practical book From Talent to Performance. The three TMA Values ​​are included in this new edition. These are guiding principles for good and respectful use of the TMA Method, language, instruments and systems. The values ​​are elaborated with definitions and behavioural examples. The three TMA Values ​​are Positive, Talent-oriented and Connecting. They appear immediately after this foreword to this edition.

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In addition, twelve new practical cases have been included in the new practice book 2022. Here you can read how and why various organizations use the TMA Method, instruments and systems and what this benefits them.

This practical book again contains, in alphabetical order, the 53 TMA competencies and 23 result areas with which you can compile virtually any competency profile for the roles and functions of your organization.

Each competency is fully detailed with behavioral examples, development activities and coaching advice.
The behavioral examples are divided into four levels: general, operational, tactical and strategic level.

This way you can refine competencies at a specific behavioral level for your organization. Each result area consists of a definition and tasks that people can perform in concrete terms. Each task of a result area also indicates which competencies support the task in question in order to be able to perform it properly. The result areas and competencies give you a grip on specific successful behaviour and clear results that are expected within your organization.

It once again includes the definitions of the 22 TMA motivations and the extensive descriptions of the 44 associated talents.
In addition, this practical guide contains practical manuals to use in your daily HR practice when it comes to talent-oriented selection, development and assessment of people for your organization.

This 2023 edition also includes the Theory and background of the TMA Method so that you have insight into how to successfully use the contents of this book within your organization.



Compile competency profiles manual

Behavioral interviewing manual

Selection interview manual

Result areas
Motivations and Talents

Theory and Background

the TMA Method

Instruments of the TMA Method

Developability of competencies

The TMA Talent Analysis

The 360 ̊ feedback method

The TMA Performance Matrix


Practical cases

Dutch Quality Group

St. Anthony Hospital

University of Utrecht

Abovo Maxlead

Municipality of Enschede




Avans University of Applied Sciences

Municipal Tax Office Twente

s Heeren Loo

Municipality of Amsterdam