Positive, Connecting & Talent-oriented

With these three principles, TMA thinks that people will develop better, become more invested in their work, and be happier, while organizations and teams will run more sustainably and develop better.

TMA Values

TMA was established on these values and encourages users of the TMA Method, language, equipment, and systems to act in accordance with them. All TMA values are defined and applied at four holistic talent management levels: personal, management, HR/expert, and administrative. Examples of expected behavior for the position are shown.


Developing, working and organizing based on possibilities and what suits people; that gives people energy, gets them involved and makes them happy


Developing, working and organizing based on the connection between people, teams and the organization, assuming that everyone has talent

Talent Focused

Developing, working and organizing based on your own talents and the people you work with

People are central

TMA prioritizes individuals. We think a business can only reach its full potential by recognizing and using its people' unique abilities.