TMA Positive Experience

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TMA is a Positive Talent Language oriented at development

TMA Method Candidate reports are written in a positive, non-judgmental, concrete, and talent-oriented language.

With TMA, you give every candidate or employee feedback on their talents, development areas, personal career advice, and more!

Positive Psychology

The TMA Positive Psychology Method is the positive, non-judgmental, concrete, and talent-oriented basis for assessments and development.

Find, retain, and develop talents with TMA!

TMA is used to assess, identify, and develop emerging talents based on 53 competencies, abilities, and 44 natural talents.

The TMA Portal

The complete Talent Portal to manage talents: a unique, innovative, and personalized HR solution on a secure online digital platform.

Start with TMA


As a consultant, you guide your clients by implementing TMA Talent Management. You are based on positive psychology.


As an organization, you want to implement the TMA Positive Psychology Instruments and TMA Talent Management Method in your own organization.


As a coach, you believe in positive psychology, talent and possibilities that make the difference for the candidates you supervise.