Motor for growth & innovation

An organization exists because of its people. An ambitious organization that wants to grow requires people who will grow with it and bring their strengths. This is only possible if people recognize their own talents and where they can make a difference, and then share those talents with those with whom they work to better understand one another. Then you can collaborate more effectively, grow and innovate more quickly.

The power of simplicity

TMA is launching the 'Talent Development' module to provide everyone in the organization with an accessible view of their own unique abilities. in an understandable language with simple functions. It allows everyone to understand who they are, where their strengths lie, and how they can further develop their skills.

For your employees

· Gain insight into specific talents with understandable language.
• Facilitates learning and development through feedback and user-friendly routines.
· Connection: Sharing talents with coworkers improves understanding, response, and collaboration.
· Start independently or consult with colleagues, managers, coaches, or HR.

For the organization

· Insight: complete insight into all talents within your organization
· Connection: talent-driven (collaboration) work with one language that everyone understands
· Development: finding talent, putting together teams and optimally utilizing all the potential in available talent (being able to handle and do more with available people)
· Independent: directly accessible and available to all employees

From your pocket

Talent development made simple in four functionalities that people can use step by step.

Start with TMA Talent Method

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As a Consultant
you guide your clients through the challenge of implementing the best Talent Management and Career Instruments.


As an Organization, you implement the most effective instruments of TMA into your HR Process: Talent Management, Talent Model, Competencies, Hiring and Development Assessments.


As an Independent (Career) Coach, you make a difference by using TMA Career and Development instruments, guiding your candidates in a positive way.

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