TMA for Healthcare (RAVU)

The cycle is complete with 360-degree feedback and selection assessment The RAVU (Regional Ambulance Provision) offers (acute) ambulance care and transport in the province of Utrecht. 465 people work in the ambulance, the emergency room and the office. As an evaluation tool, the RAVU uses 360-degree feedback for all employees.

All in one

Source: Tripple Balance

“Nice no-nonsense approach just like we are!" Under "We" Natasja Meijer, Senior HR Advisor, means the RAVU ambulance service. As an organization, RAVU wanted to get more out of the standard annual appraisals, that is why they started implementing 360-degree feedback by TMA for all the employees. “We were already familiar with the tool, but we had different parties for the development of our employees and the selection of new employees, and we wanted to get rid of that. We found one match in Tripple Balance. ”

Clear expectations

The first step that has been taken together with Triple Balance is the implementation of good competency management. "We used far too many competencies, which meant that the evaluation process took up unnecessary long and the motivation of the employees for using this tool was way too low." The profiles of employees have been scrutinized. Triple Balance has helped to clarify the expectations about the desired behavior in each position and has structured the profiles. It has become clearer by setting up generic competency profiles that can be used for more functions. The structure has been created by introducing a three-way division within a profile according to the importance of the competencies: essential, complementary, and desirable. "This helps us to create clear expectations for our employees."

No-Nonsense Approach

Triple Balance then guided the implementation of the 360-degree feedback. Manuals for managers and employees have been created and a policy document on the use of the 360-degree tool has been issued. In addition, the managers were trained, and then it all started. “We already knew the tool at RAVU, but thanks to the intensive guidance with useful tips & tricks and tailor-made advice, we now get much more out of it. They support us where it is needed, and do not give unwanted advice. They are nice and no-nonsense, so are we! You notice that in the collaboration and communication. They put it as it is, do not beat around the bush. If you come up with a question, they will also come up with a concrete answer. I would like to work with something in a practical and result-oriented way, they offer that. And that works very positively!"

The Perfect Cycle

In addition to the 360-degree feedback, the TMA Method also helps with the selection of new employees. The quality of ambulance care largely depends on the expertise of the professionals. In the selection process, it is therefore very important to know whether the employee is suitable for the position. “You actually want to have some kind of predictive value,” says Natasja. TMA assessment reports are clear, well-organized, and provide sufficient guidance for making the decisions. The points that emerge from the assessment can now also be reflected in the annual performance appraisal and 360-degree feedback. The perfect time. ”

Source: Tripple Balance

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