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OSIC is a specialist in leadership development. It is called: Leadership Affairs. Our target group is professionals, and managers and their teams. We do that by means of coaching and training. Always in the form of fixed, powerful programs at the level of employees in individual situations.

The organization

Coolinvestments comprises four international fashion brands: Coolcat, America Today, MS Mode and SAPHH. The first three are typical retail organizations, while the fourth one is primarily focused on wholesale.

After extensive research, Coolinvestments made its choice for TMA Method, having Management Development process for all four organizations as its main goal.

Issues (from the perspective of OSIC)

The vast majority of managers, although exceptionally talented and successful, have never had any sort of training or education aimed at management and employee development. There is an increasing need for such type of education with a view to further expansion and the growing amount of responsibilities.

The main issue for OSIC was to develop a customized management program for managers and high-potentials from all the four organizations having TMA as the major instrument.


OSIC has chosen the approach including the following important characteristics:

• A combination of individual coaching and group meetings, as some of the topics apply to everyone and require exchange and (inter)action. In addition, each participant has his/her own background, experience, working environment and issues.

• There are people from all four organizations in every group (up to 10 participants). It is meant to get the optimal use of the accumulated joint experience, to exchange the best practices and improve interaction between the organizations.

• Following the idea that leadership starts from a person himself, the attention is focused on different topics revolving around influence: on a person himself, on others, on a team, on the (rest of the) organization. The most relevant topics are addressed within this realm always resorting to the help of TMA.

• In individual coaching, in addition to everyone’s personal issues, 5 relevant competencies crucial for leadership are also used.

The priority is mainly given to the daily practice of the participants and the four organizations. For example, real-life cases are used, and interim assignments focus on the situations the participants are facing at the moment. As a result, the program makes a direct contribution to improving the daily routine, and small achievements are immediately visible.

The result

The approach described above immediately generates enthusiasm among the participants. This sensible approach, in combination with direct applicability in daily practice, guarantees that positive effects quickly become visible. It also has a strong effect on potentially new participants.

During the process you can see how the participants start approaching things in a different way, take their responsibilities more seriously, and make clear and conscious choices. The positive consequences do not go unnoticed for the respective CEOs which is evident when they are requested to take TMA. Another significant result is, partly thanks to the TMA and the insights obtained through it, the participants are much more aware not only of their qualities and talents, but also their pitfalls. It makes them fulfill their duties of a leader and manager better.

Source: OSIC

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