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Whether you are looking to deliver TMA Method to your clients, or deliver best-in-class training to the people within your organization, we make it easy for you to get started.

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Deliver TMA to Your Organization

If you want to obtain the official credentials to deliver TMA Method to your organization, explore how TMA Professional Certification can help you unlock the potential of your people and improve your organizational culture.

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Deliver TMA to Your Clients

If you aspire to deliver TMA to your clients as part of your independent consulting, training, or coaching business, see how an TMA Method Authorized Partnership can meet your specific needs.

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Become TMA Partner

Work with TMA by choosing your right Partnership:


As a Consultant
you guide your clients through the challenge of implementing the best Talent Management and Career Instruments.


As an Organization, you implement the most effective instruments of TMA: Talent Management, Talent Model, Competencies, Hiring and Development Assessments into your HR Cylce.


As an Independent (Career) Coach, you make a difference by using TMA Career and Development instruments, guiding your candidates in a positive way.

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