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How interest in the employee can lead to better performance, higher customer satisfaction and lower staff turnover.


Who is the agent who is applying to SNT? What is his or her motivation? What are the talents of this person? Which character traits does this person have? These are the questions that are central to the Talent Motivation Assessment (TMA). The agent digitally fills in a questionnaire and the system produces a blueprint of their personal characteristics.

The makers of the TMA method can answer questions such as: to what extent does a person have executive properties, what are his or her organizational, social and influencing talents, what his or her emotional balance is and what is the intrinsic motivation of the person tested. In short, the TMA report sketches an impression of the person in question, in both work and private situations. The TMA has been developed so that the sketched impression is definitely representative and therefore very useful.


The question is now whether this method can effectively enable SNT to select potentially successful agents. Or even more specifically: How will the analysis be used to find the most suitable agents? Which character traits and talents fit into this the best? To find that out Floor Siebrecht investigated the commonalities in character traits of the most successful agents within SNT. Some remarkable findings: agents who perform successfully, who are in the right job and therefore have a long service record, score in the analysis, for example, high values for order & structure and sociability. They score particularly low on dominance. Through this study, a measurable `ideal profile’ could be constructed for the selection of new agents.

This offers concrete guidelines for the rest of the selection process. The results of the study have been translated in the meantime into practice in one of the projects of SNT. When recruiting agents for this project-specific attention was paid to the presence (and the combination) of the aforesaid characteristics, and the recruitment and selection were based on this. The result? Staff turnover has decreased by 23% and the quality is increased by 25%. The agents are more productive right from the start and also achieve their targets faster. Profit for the customer, the agents and SNT!

TMA tool use

In recent years SNT has further refined its method of recruitment and selection. The TMA tool is an important part of this process, in addition to conducting agent assessments, verifying knowledge and skills by means of e-learning tests and role plays. An agent proceeds to the next step in the selection process, the training if the outcome of the assessment and the other components is positive. In addition, this tool can also be used for other functional groups within the organization and it forms a valuable aid for coaching and determining the composition of teams and, with that, their actual performance.


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