The added value of the TMA Method at Scania

Scania Parts Logistics is not only focused on the quality of its products and services, but also on empowering and boosting the skills of its employees. The extensive range of training courses was offered to the managers, but all these efforts lacked one common ‘clue’. Then the company got to know the TMA Method via Acerta Consult.

Cooperation with the TMA Method via Acerta Consult

‘The TMA Method appealed to us because it brings together drives, talents and competencies of employees. It forms the common thread between all our HR tools. A first (test) group of experienced managers filled in the talent assessment. The results were discussed and served as input for a further training program.

At the same time, we started making up a competency profile for managers. After a co-creative process, in which the test group also participated, we got a competency profile that consisted of eight competencies, each with five behavioral indicators.

In the meantime, a lot of managers have completed the talent assessment as well. We also use it in individual coaching. And if we have doubts during the recruitment process, we use TMA to support our final choice,’ – explains the manager.

TMA Competencies

Scania Parts Logistics is motivated to take further steps using the TMA Method. The company wants to implement competency profiles throughout the organization, starting with the managerial positions.

In a course of time, Scania is also interested in using competency profiles as a starting point for career and appraisal interviews and development plans. To sum it up: ‘For us, Acerta Consult’s TMA Method is an excellent model because it brings together drives, talents and competencies of our employees and allows us to use the strengths of our employees and be sure about the future.’

About Scania

Scania is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and engines for industrial and shipping purposes.

Source: Acerta

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