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Everything you need to know about team management

44 TMA Team Talents

Emotional balance: 8 team talents

From a self-reflecting team…

Emotional balance: 8 team talents

to a completely confident team!

10 social talents of a team

From a team that gives space...

10 social talents of a team

to a team that stands out!

8 influential talents of a team

From a patient team

8 influential talents of a team

to an enterprising team!

6 general motives of a team

from a team that is quickly satisfied with a result...

6 general motives of a team

to a team that is oriented at achieving results!

6 leadership talents of a team

From a compliant team...

6 leadership talents of a team

to a leading team!

6 organizational talents of a team

from a creative team...

6 organizational talents of a team

to a practical team!

The Ultimate Guide to Team Assessments

TMA Team Assessment measures and reveals the motivation of the team. Our team reports offer a common language that makes behavior negotiable and helps you use the strengths of the team and each individual in a proper manner, making them work to the advantage of the whole organization.

In organizations, it is important that teams work well together. The work of a team should be properly divided so that each team member can perform the tasks more effectively. With the help of TMA Team Assessment, you get direct insight into the behavioral preferences and talents of all team members. You can see which abilities the team has and who would fit best to a position. TMA also gives comprehensive advice on team management and provides insight into the potential of a team.

Making up a team with TMA

  • Insight into your team: what is typical of my team?
  • Are any new team members required for making our team complete?
  • Are everyone’s talents used to the full and applied properly?
  • Are there any talents missing in our team?
  • What are the conditions that are important for a good performance in a certain position?
  • Dealing with various issues and improving cooperation, achieving goals and getting to know your team members
You will get an insight both on a level of a team and an individual level. What team member has a talent for what? How can it be related to a team on the whole?
A team report will provide a description of your team and relevant recommendations. It will serve as an excellent basis for a conversation in your team in a talent-oriented manner.

Why Choose TMA?

  • Insight into team talents at a glance. You can see the percentage of the team with a low, average and high development potential per drive
  • Match the team with the competencies you have selected. For example, you can see for how many team members these competencies are easy to develop
  • Talents and competencies that can be developed are indicated per person so you can define the position of every team member in the team. Thus you can start working with individual team members properly
  • written advice is provided in the report to make sure the team session can be conducted in a better way

TMA Team Assessment Training

On this day you will receive concrete tools for conducting team assessments. TMA team reports and a number of work methods that you can apply independently will be introduced to you. After following this training:

  • You will know how to make the most of the new team report.
  • You will have concrete work methods that you can apply within your team sessions.
  • You will be able to perform team sessions independently using the new TMA Team Assessment.
  • You will get the TMA Team Professional certificate

More info

TMA Drives Overview

In this overview of psychological drives, you will see a graphical representation of all drives, of every team member, which clarifies the dynamics within the team. Management of any team just became a lot easier.

Team Advice

On the basis of team drives, TMA gives clear advice on how a manager can get the best performance from his team.

Team advice

 Social Talents

Team advice

Influential Talents

Potential Overview

The potential overview shows the development potential of the team for more than 53 competencies.

Team Competency Match

You will see to what extent the team has a talent for the essential team competencies and how the work can be best divided between the team members.

Application of the team assessment

TMA Team Assessment includes a number of application areas that help to solve team issues.

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