TMA Team Assessment

The Ultimate Guide to Building your Team.

Everybody has Talents, but how to create a well-performing team based on these talents?

It is important that teams work well together. The work of a team
should be properly divided so that each team member can perform the tasks more
effectively. With the help of TMA Team Assessment, you get direct insight into the
behavioral preferences and talents of all team members

TMA Team Assessment



TMA Talent Assessment makes
it possible to conduct a
positive talent-oriented
dialogue between the team
members and manager


Each team wants to achieve
results. Does the team have all
the necessary team talents or should
additional talent be recruited?
Find out with the help of the
TMA Team Assessment.


For a manager, it is useful to
know about the preferences
of his team. Adapt
management style and
development actions to the
individual psychological
drives, competencies, and
talents of the team.


Each team member is
different and has his own
talents. The overview of
team talents makes it
possible to divide work easily
on the basis of drives and
talents of team members.

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