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TMA for banks

The banking sector is on the move. It is precisely in a period of transition that it is important to know what talent you have.  TMA Method can be also used to help banks give their employees ‘impetus’ not only inside but also outside the organization.

TMA for Coolcat

The organization

Coolinvestments comprises four international fashion brands: Coolcat, America Today, MS Mode and SAPHH. The first three are typical retail organizations, while the fourth one is primarily focused on wholesale.

After extensive research, Coolinvestments made its choice for TMA Method, […]

TMA for Dutch Marine

“TMA is also of great value for the Navy”

Do you, as a civilian worker, need insight into your perspectives at the Navy? What would you like to do and what can you do? Make an appointment for a career interview! […]

Scania and TMA

The added value of the TMA Method at Scania

Scania Parts Logistics is not only focused on the quality of its products and services, but also on empowering and boosting the skills of its employees. The extensive range of training […]

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