TMA for Dutch Marine

“TMA is also of great value for the Navy”

Do you, as a civilian worker, need insight into your perspectives at the Navy? What would you like to do and what can you do? Make an appointment for a career interview! […]

Scania and TMA

The added value of the TMA Method at Scania

Scania Parts Logistics is not only focused on the quality of its products and services, but also on empowering and boosting the skills of its employees. The extensive range of training […]


`With TMA we quickly get an impression of applicants. Even if they come from New Zealand,' remarks Jan Cauberg, global head of HR in the R&D division. `

Web Help

Whoever controls the selection and whoever knows the motivation and talents of the people who are taken into employment hold the key to structural improvements and savings. Floor Siebrecht, senior trainer at SNT (now Web Help), investigated the talents and motivations of the best-performing agents.