Talent Assessment

TMA Talent Assessment reports on 22 drives, 53 competencies and 44 talents. It is positive, unbiased and offers all insights into personality, competencies, talents and best career opportunities.


TMA Talent Assessment

People are more motivated, effective and successful in work that lies close to their true nature. Using this approach, TMA Talent Assessment makes it possible to have an objective, constructive and in-depth assessment of motives, drives, competencies, talents and development possibilities.

Personal Talents overview

The talent overview shows all talents and drives of your candidate.

Performance matrix

Performance Matrix combines data from the talent assessment with 360-degree feedback. You see both the aptitude for a competency and the actual development level of that competency.

People work best and are the most involved if they do work that lies close to their natural drives, talents and competencies

TMA Talent Assessment Philosophy

“Everybody is talented for something!” Personal preferences, competencies, and abilities mix in each person differently. TMA Assessments make the puzzle clear for you. When people are selected based on the match between the job requirements and their talents, they will add more value, learn the required skills faster and are simply happier.

The TMA Radar


What is a talent assessment?

TMA Talent Assessment is an evaluation used by organizations to assess, identify and develop candidates to fit positions, based on their competencies, abilities and natural talents.

Why is talent assessment important?

Talent assessment is important because it makes it possible to have an objective, constructive and in-depth assessment of drives, TMA competencies, talents and development possibilities of candidates to fit job requirements better.

Why choose the TMA Talent Assessments?

TMA Method conducts more than 200.000 assessments a year and develops clients offering them new insights into their personality, talents, competencies and career options. TMA has an innovative method based on a positive philosophy.

We offer reliable online tools, dashboards, reports, and HR analytics with which you can run the process of talent and competency management easily and effectively.

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