Team Development

Engage and inspire your team to accomplish goals

Connecting people is the core value of every organization

With TMA Team Assessments, you are aware of the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges of your people. TMA Reports clearly show the abilities and talents of team members. Team dashboards and reports provide information about natural drives and potential of your employees and give advice on how to keep your team motivated while solving conflicts and to achieve goals more easily.

Drive Overview

In this drive overview you see a graphical representation of the team drives which makes the dynamics within the team clear. Management of any team is a lot easier with this information.

Team Advice

On the basis of team drives, TMA gives clear advice on how the manager can get the best performance from his team.

Potential Overview

The potential overview shows the development potential of the team on more than 40 competencies.

Team Competency Match

See to what extent the team has talent for the most important competencies and how the work can be divided between the individual team members.

Application areas of TMA Team Assessment

TMA Team Assessment includes a number of application areas that help to solve team issues:

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