Talent & Competency Management

Easily manage talents and competencies with TMA Method

All your talent instruments in one place

TMA Method is the online solution where talent and competency management meet. Discover the talents of your employees with TMA Talent Management and make it clear what your organization expects from its employees with TMA Competency Management.

TMA Method establishes the relationship between the required competencies and the talents of people so that organizations can effectively coordinate people to achieve high performance and goals.

Talent and Competency Management

Goals are achieved faster if natural drives and talents of the employees are brought into play. It leads to better performance and more commitment.

TMA License

TMA provides instruments for talent and competency management through an online portal that can be completely customized to your needs. You can have access to all TMA tools, dashboards and reports in 10 languages.

TMA portal consists of the following components:

Success factors for effective talent management

In cooperation with Raet, TMA has created a “white paper” on 10 success factors for effective talent management. This white paper contains the following information:

  • Latest developments in the area of talent management and its impact on HR.
  • Why it is important to utilize the talents of all employees (instead of the ones with high potential only).
  • What benefits a ‘strong points’ approach has for the employees and the organization.
  • Key success factors for establishing an effective talent management strategy.

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