People work best when they work based on their talents

Reintegrate on the basis of your competencies

Every organization wants its employees to perform and deliver value. But sometimes people become ill or are limited in a different way, while performing their duties.

TMA Method offers the philosophy and online tools that enable you to take fast and effective steps to get candidates to new work that suits them naturally.

TMA philosophy

If an employee has been absent from work for a longer period of time, it is important to have a better understanding of problems related this absence. On the basis of abilities and limitations, you can find out what new work would be best for this employee. The chances of a successful reintegration are greater if there is a positive match between individual needs, talents, skills, and needs of the organization.

Reintegration with TMA instruments

The reintegration of people after long-term absence is not an easy task. It requires a deeper understanding of the abilities and circumstances of a person in relation to work and absence. For reintegration, it is useful to have objective information (skills, drives, cognitive abilities and skill level.) Without the right information, wrong choices are easily made and this may lead to high costs.

During reintegration projects with TMA Assessments, you can easily get an overview of the following topics and work on the best solution:

  • Important job duties and competencies
  • Characteristics of working and social conditions
  • Needs, talents, competencies, career wishes and skills of the candidate
  • What are limitations from the person’s health?

How to apply TMA Method?

To implement the reintegration process successfully, do the following:

  • Create function and competency profiles: create a profile and describe the basic behavioral requirements.
  • Discover talents: measure psychometrically which of the 22 drives, 44 talents and 53 competencies apply. See immediately where strengths lie and what intrinsically motivates your candidates.
  • Match: with TMA reports, you can match personal drives and talents against a relevant profile: see to what extent talents of a candidate match the skills required.
  • Reintegrate: if the candidate’s talents correspond to the role / function to a sufficient extent, you can start the process of reintegration. If a match is insufficient, customize the role or function for a better match.
  • Mobility: if your candidate needs to move on to a different function, use TMA Career Coach and get an advice on 8000 jobs.

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