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An easy way to recruit and select more effectively and objectively with TMA Method

If you have no objective information about people, such as their competencies, talents, drives, cognitive abilities, and skill level, it will be difficult to make the right choices. Make selection processes more effective and simple with the TMA Method. TMA portal offers you online tools available 24 hours a day:

  • A complete competency library to translate organizational policy into clear profiles.
  • Online assessments that provide objective information about candidates (talents, drives, cognitive abilities, learning style, preferences in management, etc.)
  • Matching reports that show to what extent the candidate fits the profile, the manager and the organizational culture. You can easily start a talent dialogue with applicants with supplied interview questions.

Setting up your Talent Pool

A lot of applicants drop out during the selection process, however they can still be valuable for your organization. With TMA Portal you can store all the data of applicants and search for suitable talents anytime which makes the recruitment process more effective and reduces the costs.

TMA Philosophy

“Everybody has talents!”

When you select people based on the match between your job requirements and candidate’s talents, your employees add more value, learn skills faster and are simply happier. All you need to do is to facilitate the process, then employees will be busy with the tasks that fit them naturally.

Job Interview App

The free Job Interview App, helps you conduct unique selection and appraisal interviews at a professional level. This app provides all the possible questions you can ask applicants in an easy and organized way.

How to apply TMA Method in the selection process?

Successful TMA selection processes include the following steps:

Create profiles

Translate organizational objectives into result areas and tasks, set up basic online competency profiles. This will define the proper behavioral skill level for a specific role or function, and give employees more focus and direction in their daily work.

Take the TMA Talent Assessment

  • Discover the 22 drives, 44 talents and 53 competencies of your candidate with the TMA Talent Assessment.
  • Discover the intellectual and professional level of your candidate with TMA Cognitive Ability assessments: Spatial perception, Linguistic perception, Numerical perception, Technical perception, Control and/or Calculating Ability assessments.
  • Use the free Job Interview App, that helps you conduct unique selection and recruitment interviews at a professional level. This app provides all the possible questions you can ask applicants in an easy and organized way.

Matching and (pre-) selection

TMA Method offers a variety of matching reports which help you perform matching and (pre-) selection of candidates:

  • Easily check whether candidates have the right talent to demonstrate the required competencies.
  • See to what extent candidates are intrinsically motivated to show the required job competencies based on their personality.
  • See to what extent the applicant has the required cognitive ability level.


Start the job interview with the candidate using TMA reports:

  • Interview the candidates about their competencies, hard and soft skills, talents, drives, experience and motivation for the job offered. The right questions will be provided by TMA.
  • Optional: discuss cognitive ability reports and test whether the candidate has the requested cognitive capabilities.

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