HR Analytics

Insight into your people

Better HR decisions with TMA information

Each organization must be able to respond adequately to changing market conditions. This requires a deep understanding of most employees’ competencies and career wishes. Make a talent overview of the organization based on reliable psychometric data with TMA Analytics.

TMA Analytics provides added value to the following strategic HR issues:

  • Do we use our talents optimally in relation to the challenges of the organization? How can we select the right people quickly and efficiently?
  • How do we make the most of the diversity in the current team?
  • Can we develop available employees, or is recruiting new employees necessary?
  • Do we already have the next generation of people with high potential and executives in our organization?

TMA Portal: an excellent basis for strategic personnel planning

With a license to the TMA Portal, all data about your people is kept safe and is at your disposal 24 hours a day. This is an important resource for making strategic HR decisions available within the organization, which lets you respond quickly to changing market conditions.

TMA Analytics

Insight into your people
TMA Analytics is about analyzing groups of people in organizations. Insight into this information helps you make strategic choices. TMA gives you real-time assessment of talents and competencies of people and teams. You can compare effectiveness, motivation and competencies of different groups with each other. You will see the qualities or pitfalls of groups in simple graphical overviews.

Comparing groups
Qualitative assessments require a comparison between groups. What competencies exactly make the difference between the groups at the moment? Where do the pitfalls and opportunities of a certain group lie? Click here to see a general example report and here to see a report focused on competencies.

A qualitative and objective assessment with TMA Analytics:

  • Fast insight into what job suits certain people best, in relation to the challenges the organization is facing.
  • Fast scan of the team quality based on the match between profile and team talents.

  • Fast screening of HR scenarios for the selection based on talents, drives and cognitive capabilities.

  • Responding effectively and immediately to changing market conditions.

  • Making better strategic HR decisions due to the availability of psychometric assessment data.

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