TMA Positive Psychology

TMA Positive Psychology Method is the Positive, Non-judgmental, Concrete and Talent-oriented base for Assessments

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TMA Positive Psychology explained

22 Drives are the basis of 44 TMA Talents which are divided into 6 Talent Dimensions.

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Talent Dimension: Social

Talent Dimension Social Talents consists of 5 separate TMA Drives.

Low Social Empathy = Factual

The potential pitfall of being too factual is straightforwardness.

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High Social Empathy = Empathic

Possible Pitfall: Hypersensitive

Each TMA Talent has a relation with TMA Competencies

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44 TMA Talents

Talents are the building blocks of TMA: Identify, Match and Develop 44 Talents with TMA talent Library.

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