Positive Candidate Experience

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Positive Candidate Experience

TMA ensures you offer each person or candidate a positive, encouraging, motivating and enriching experience, both for development or hiring! Our recruitment, matching and development instruments have 1 main principle: Provide candidates or employees with the maximum added value based on positive psychology.

Positive Language

TMA Method Candidate Reports are written in a Positive, Non-judgmental, Concrete, and Talent oriented matter.

TMA gives each candidate and employee immediate feedback on talents, areas for development, personalized career advice, and more!

Hire, Match and Develop the Right Talent

TMA is used by organizations to assess, identify and develop candidates to fit positions, based on their competencies, abilities and natural talents.

Positive Psychology

TMA Positive Psychology Method is the Positive, Non-judgmental, Concrete and Talent oriented base for Assessments.

The TMA portal

The complete portal to manage talents: The TMA portal is a unique, innovative, and personalized solution, on a secure online digital platform.

User Interface adapted to 21st century standards.

We’ve applied to the HR sector the same standards used in e-commerce and online industries.

Become TMA Partner

Work with TMA by choosing your right Partnership:


As a Consultant
you guide your clients through the challenge of implementing the best Talent Management and Career Instruments.


As an Organization, you implement the most effective instruments of TMA: Talent Management, Talent Model, Competencies, Hiring and Development Assessments into your HR Cylce.


As an Independent (Career) Coach, you make a difference by using TMA Career and Development instruments, guiding your candidates in a positive way.

“People perform better and are more involved when they work in line with their natural talents!”

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