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Talent Management Software

With TMA you can implement talent and competency management structured and easily.

Talent Management Software

Do you want to be able to handle different HR-issues quickly and efficiently? With the self-service TMA Portal, you have access to reliable online tools, dashboards, reports and HR analytics. With these tools at your disposal, run the process of talent and competency management, recruitment, mobility and development of employees and teams easily.

    • How do we get a reliable assessment of the talents of our employees?
    • How do we effectively select candidates that fit the profile of a function?
    • How can we deal with human mobility issues in the organization?
    • Do the current drives and talents of our employees correlate with the new organizational strategy?

TMA instruments

Online dashboards and reports

The TMA Portal provides access to various dashboards and talent management reports.

  • Overview of drives and talents
  • Matching personal talents to profiles
  • Potential indicator
  • Team talents
  • Team coaching advice
  • Career advice
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Feedback on the competency level
  • Coaching advice per competency
  • Development activities per competency
  • HR Analytics
  • Talent Pool with search function

Certification of TMA Professionals

To be able to interpret TMA online dashboards and reports independently and discuss them with candidates or employees, certification is required. When you purchase a license for the TMA portal, you will be invited for the certification training.

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