Job and Function Management

TMA offers a framework for workforce management, competency management, talent management, talent acquisition, talent development and performance management.


The TMA Competency Library helps you to easily create profiles for different roles, positions or teams. These profiles clearly show your expectations from the performance of your employees and teams.

If you want to present a good profile, you need feedback from other professionals. For this purpose, TMA has developed a special practical tool. With the help of “Competency Set Assessment”, you create your own pre-defined basic profile and send an automated feedback questionnaire to key stakeholders. You automatically get a report with all the feedback processed. This report will make it easier for you to choose the best profile.

With a clear profile about your expectations from employees, TMA will provide a matching advice. This matching advice shows to what extent talents match with your jobs.

We help determine which competencies, skills and talent profiles will successfully match to a certain role, making it easier for organizations to get the best fit between the talents of individuals and the work to be accomplished.

With the help of dashboards and reports, you get real time insight and advice on how to match candidates to roles and functions, help them to get the support they need, solve individual and team challenges, and assist people in their development and career issues.

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