TMA Talent Compass

Real insight into talents with TMA Talent Compass.


TMA Talent Compass

Would you like to take the step towards effective and future-proof talent management aimed at all employees within your organization? The TMA Talent Compass provides insight into the talents of employees. This provides guidance for the interview cycle and makes it possible to invest more specifically in training and development.

  • Employ people more effectively based on their qualities

  • More objectivity in a dialogue during the interview cycle

  • More focused investment in employee development

  • More effective division of labor in teams based on the talents of the team members

TMA Talent Compass


TMA Talent Game

TMA Talent Game is a management game that provides comprehensive answers to questions like: What talents do I have? What talents can I use more often? Is our team going in the right direction? How can we better use the abilities of our team members?
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TMA Talent Game

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