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People’s competencies develop faster based on natural talents

In the work environment, it is natural that people prefer to be in their comfort zone. But from the moment employees discover their natural talents and skills, they will take more risks and develop themselves easier.

TMA offers the best development tools for organizations to support employees in their development process, making them more motivated, effective, and successful.

Employee Development as a process

If you want to develop people successfully with TMA Method, you should take the following steps:

Development of Competencies

Competencies are manifested through explicit behavior. The learning possibility for competencies is determined by the behavior associated with a competency. The closer this behavior is to the natural talents, the greater the possibility of developing this competency, particularly when the right motivation is offered from the direct management and environment.

However, it cannot be concluded that a person who has some talent will automatically master the related competencies. The environment will be a strong limiting factor. Drives and talents of a candidate are only an indication of whether a competency is easy or hard to develop. Talents alone do not guarantee that someone actually controls or displays a competency and associated behavior in the correct manner.

The connection between talents and drives, on the one hand, and competencies, on the other hand, is explained by the TMA vision of competency and talent management. It is clear that by means of proper alignment between people’s talents and the organization, better performance is achieved. From talent to performance!

Competency management is about speaking in a clear competency language within the organization or making it clear what behavior is expected. If the desired behavior for a particular competency is displayed, the (function) tasks will probably be well executed.

By performing the tasks properly, the results required for the function will be achieved. If most functions are successfully carried out, goals of the department or organization will be attained. This way, there is a big chance that defined strategy and mission will succeed.

Talent management is about assessing employees’ talents and then making the best use of those talents. We consider talents to be the positive behavior that arises from the drives of people. Behavior which is (unconsciously) preferred proceeds from these talents and drives.

Within the TMA Method, there is an established link between the competencies and the preferred behavior resulting from the talents. Organizational goals can be achieved if employees do their work using their natural talents and competencies for which they have an aptitude and derive energy from.

As a result, employees find their work more interesting and more fun and that leads to better performance and commitment. This is the connection between competency management and talent management or alignment between people and organizations.

TMA Talent Game

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