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TMA Career Assessment

Take the TMA Career Assessment and start a new career today!

TMA Career Assessment Tools

TMA Career Assessments is suited for working adults and students.  Results are positive, non-judgmental and offer all the insights into your talents, best career choices, and available jobs matching you perfectly.

TMA Career Assessment Basics:

TMA Career Assessment consists of questions and triads. You simply choose which one you would most prefer or least prefer. Since there are so many different combinations of answers, there are uncountable different test results. You are unique!

TMA Career Assessment undergo extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including yearly correlating studies.

Used with TMA Talent Assessment
TMA Talent Assessment reports on personality through 22 motives, 53 competencies, and 44 TMA talents. Its; positive, non-judgmental and offers all insights into personality, talents and best career opportunities.

Used by Professionals
More than 1500 TMA Professionals, including career coaches, outplacement consultants use TMA Career Assessment to gain insights and advice people. Become TMA Certified now!

Immediate Results and Insight into Available Jobs
After completing the assessment, you can see your results immediately and TMA helps you find your ideal career. Your personal test results are scored against over 8000 job descriptions, and you can see what jobs are the best fit, along with the education needed, career outlook and real job openings in your area.

TMA Career Coach App

TMA Career Coach indexes 8000 job requirements. Integrated with the largest and smartest search engine for suitable vacancies near your candidate. TMA also made descriptions of hard skills and requirements for every function (out of 8000) and enriched them with the right TMA Competencies

In addition, a very powerful search engine indexes virtually every online vacancy within seconds and links your career advice to current vacancies within your candidate’s own district. Effective career counseling!
When looking for a job, there is one common factor: it’s about jobs and vacancies. Simply search for all vacancies and get free career advice with the world’s largest web search engines inside. TMA indexes thousands of job sites. Contact us for more information!

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