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Your perfect career starts with a working environment which fits!

TMA Career Assessment shows natural competencies and (hidden) talents. The career assessment results are positive, non-judgmental and offer all the insights into your talents, best career choices, competencies and available jobs matching your candidates situation perfectly.

Simple but not simplistic

TMA Career Assessment consists of questions and triads. You simply choose which statements you prefer the most or the least. Since there are so many different combinations of answers, there are uncountable different test results. You are unique!


TMA Career Assessment undergoes extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including yearly correlating studies.

Used with TMA Talent Assessment

TMA Talent Assessment reports on personality revealing 22 motives, 53 competencies, and 44 TMA talents in a positive and non-judgmental way.

Stay close to natural talents and competencies

Career Assessment starts from the assumption that we don’t want you to change your candidate's personality, we dive into natural talents, competencies, and interests and will advise on a career path matching perfectly.

TMA Career Advice Tools

Help your candidates choose a different profession. Via TMA Talent Assessment, combined with TMA Career Assessment you will quickly find out where the talents, easy to develop competencies, interests, and especially open vacancies are for your candidates.

Career Advice Middle Level

In the report, examples are given for the professional sectors of both concrete professions and training courses associated with them. These suggestions are not intended to be exhaustive, but are there to put candidates on a track so that they can search for more information about the relevant professions and training courses and / or enter into discussions with their reintegration, training and / or career advisor.

50 Sectors
8000 Career Possibilities

Career Advice High Level

Career Advice High maps out preferences for certain professional sectors and activities. It is intended for adults and young people from 14 years from middle up to university level. The answers given to the statements measure the preference for certain sectors and activities. This gives the candidate a better self-insight and input to think further about the direction of your own personal development. In addition to insight into the interest in the professional sectors and activities, this report also provides professional suggestions.

50 Sectors
25 Activities
8000 Career Possibilities

TMA Career Coach App

TMA Career Coach indexes 8000 Career Possibilities and has the largest and the smartest search engine for actual job openings. It has descriptions of hard skills and requirements for every function enriched with the right TMA Competencies. In the commercial version of TMA Career Coach, a very powerful search engine indexes virtually every online vacancy within seconds.

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“People perform better and are more involved when they work in line with their natural talents!”

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