Job Interview App

TMA Job Interview App is the best and comprehensive app helping managers, recruiters and HR excel during professional (phone) job interviews, giving the structure needed on any topic of a candidate’s resume.

TMA Talents, 53 TMA Competencies, Assessment Center, and Reference Checking prepare you for candidate’s questions as well! Job Interview App has been developed by international standards and has the 20 Basic Interview Questions easily available!

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TMA Career Coach

TMA Career Coach: Free job searching and career coach on your mobile! When looking for a job, there is one common decisive factor: it is about professions and jobs. You can now easily search all jobs and get free career advice with the help of the largest job search engines in the world inside.

We search through thousands of job sites and job boards of companies so you do not need to do that. Looking for a new job?

Career Coach
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TMA Competency Library

TMA Competencies: Free to use competency library of 53 competencies for non-commercial use within your organization.

Competence Library
TMA Competency Library
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Talent Game

People are motivated best, become the most effective and successful in work that lies closest to their talents. This vision has been used in the TMA Talent Game.

Through the game you can get comprehensive answers to many questions such as: What talents do I have? What talents can I be aware of? Where are we as a team? How can we make better use of the abilities of team members?

The TMA Talent Game includes 44 talent cards and four cards with game variations and explanation. The game is a practical tool for everyone who wants to work with their talents.

You can play individually and in your teams. In addition, this game is meant for TMA Professionals and trainers who use the game in individual and team coaching.

Finally, the TMA Talent Game also helps you gain experience in the form of a game with the underlying concepts of talent management. This makes it also suitable for people who take part in the TMA Professional training.

Do you want to make the best of the talents of people and organizations in a positive manner? Please contact us via or call +31 30 2670444.

TMA Talent Game
TMA Talent Game