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Job Interview App

TMA Job Interview App is the most comprehensive app helping managers, recruiters and HR excel during professional (phone) job interviews, giving the structure needed on any topic of a candidate’s resume.

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TMA Competency Library App

TMA Competencies: Free to use competency library of 53 competencies for non-commercial use within your organization.

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TMA Competency Library

53 Competencies

Interview questions

Development Potential

Behavioral examples on 4 levels

Development activities

Coaching advice

Competency definitions

TMA Career Coach App

TMA Career Coach indexes 8000 Career Possibilities and has the largest and smartest search engine for actual job openings. It has descriptions of hard skills and requirements for every function enriched with the right TMA Competencies.

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TMA Career Coach

8000 Job Suggestions and Career Advice

Mid Level

8000 Job Descriptions

Matching Job openings

Higher Level

Competencies for 8000 Jobs

Required skills and Experiences for 8000 Jobs

TMA Talent Game App

The TMA Talent Game includes 44 talent cards and four cards with game variations and instructions. The game is a practical tool for everyone who wants to work with their talents.You can play individually and in your teams. In addition, this game is meant for TMA Professionals and trainers who use the game in individual and team coaching.

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