Talent Management Software:

People develop best, take action, and are the most involved when they do work that is in line with their talents, capacities, and competencies.

TMA Talent Management instruments

With TMA Talent Management you have the following tools at your disposal:

Talent Pool

Everyone has a talent, but what for exactly? TMA Talent Pool is a database containing the talent data of all your employees. When a new job or a task needs to be done, this tool offers the possibility to quickly find out who could be the most suitable person for it.

Various Talent Analytics Tools

Make better workforce planning and business decisions with Talent Analytics. The key lies in embedding analytics and recommendations into the decision-making processes and workflows of the organization.

TMA Competency Library

53 Competencies are the basics of TMA Method. Identify, Match and Develop with TMA Competency Library.

Competency Match

Match the TMA Competency Library with the talents of your Candidate.

Performance Matrix

Competency Set Assessment (CSA)

TMA has developed a practical tool to create a good competency profile: you can create a provisional profile yourself and send an automated feedback questionnaire to key stakeholders using the "Competence Set Assessment" . After everyone has given feedback on the provisional profile, you will automatically receive a report in which all feedback has been incorporated. It is then easier to choose the right profile.

TMA Talent Library

Talents are the building blocks of TMA: Identify, Match and Develop 44 Talents with TMA talent Library.

TMA Talent Assessment Instruments

Deeply understand Talents, Motivations and Competencies.

TMA Career Assessments Instruments

Help your candidates choose a different profession. Via TMA Talent Assessment, combined with TMA Career Assessment you will quickly find out where the talents, easy to develop competencies, interests and especially open vacancies are for your candidates.

TMA Team Assessments

The Ultimate Guide to Building your Team.

Cognitive Ability Assessments

Test ability to learn, apply new knowledge, and solve problems. Increase Quality of Hire While Fighting Bias.

360 Degree Feedback Assessments

360 degree feedback, a dialogue about behavior and skills.

“People perform better and are more involved when they work in line with their natural talents!”

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As an Independent (Career) Coach, you make a difference by using TMA Career and Development instruments, guiding your candidates in a positive way.

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